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The Yangzhou University provides a very good platform for the students. Management of the university is very good. Always listen to the problems of the student’s first and all-Time ready to help them. It provides excellent hostel facilities for all the students including girls and boys also. The University has the provision of a hygienic canteen for all students. It can comfortably accommodate many no. of students at a time. The canteen and cafeteria are maintained. It has refrigeration facilities, microwave oven which provides hot lunch, beverages, and snacks both to the students and staff at nominal prices.

There is a vast library used to encourage the students, for research activities and enhance knowledge base Yangzhou University has an improved library that includes ample of books, journals, etc.

The management of Yangzhou University provides Dispensary to provide round the clock medical facilities to the students; the dispensary is established within the campus that attends to basic medical requirements as well as unforeseen emergencies. The dispensary is available 24X7, free medicines for students and staff.

Gym facility is also present in the campus itself; it helps to groom your body and make physically fit. It is the best method to get rid of all tensions. It relaxes our body as well as our mind.

The hostel of the Yangzhou University aims to comfort the students.  The management of the University makes sure that they are always available and responded immediately to any specific requirements asked by the students. Wardens are also available in the hostels; keep in mind the safety for all the students.

University also supports sports activities. Students can take part in sports if somebody is interested and good at sports. They encourage students to take part in sports along with studies actively. The Yangzhou University provides a lot of opportunities in the sports.

The main aim of the management to provide an excellent platform for all the students. The Yangzhou University always take care of the need of the students as well as teachers also. They give so many workshops, seminars, conferences and skill development programmes for the students and teachers so that they can get as much as the knowledge they can and develop their skills.

The Yangzhou University provides an excellent faculty and opportunities for development of the future of the student. As we know faculty plays a significant role in the lives of students. They have an essential part in designing a nation’s future by guiding their students in becoming ideal citizens. So, the faculty plays a significant role in any university, colleges or schools.

Yangzhou University, filled with experienced staff, well-educated and everyone is an expert in their specialization. The faculty of the Yangzhou University is very friendly means students feel comfortable to share and discuss their problems or knowledge with the staff. Yangzhou g University not only gives specified training to students but also provides the excellent platform for faculty members to explore their knowledge in their area of specialization. The Yangzhou University organized individual training programme sessions for faculty members so that they also gain more knowledge and share it with their students also. So mean ample skill development programmes are also going to the Yangzhou University. Along with this many technical workshops also organized where they gain the knowledge about the latest tools and technologies.

Our faculty’s job is full of challenges and responsibility because not every student is the same and thus the faculty members are dynamic and adopt unique teaching patterns for different students so that everyone can learn equally. Our faculty teaches according to the requirements of the students.

Our faculty shows passion while teaching that creates an excellent atmosphere and learning environment that helps students in obtaining knowledge fast. Our faculty always use innovates teaching techniques to keep the students engaged in studies. Our faculty use projectors to teach in the class. Present topics in the form of demonstration which maintains the interest of the students in the class.

The Yangzhou University provides a very good platform for all the students and teachers. The environment at the college is amicable. If students encountered any problem, he or she may ask from any of the staff or any person in the college. People of the university help one another. Students after completing their course at the university feel great when looking back into the memories of the university they carry with them

We at Yangzhou university understand that education for International students pose challenges apart from performing in exams to. It could be anything related to your personal problems or some documentation which is important during the immigration process. It can also be the language barrier, since most of the students here can be found communicating in Mandarin.

To serve in the most common problems of International Student, we have setup a helpdesk which comprises of counselors who work diligently 24*7 so that your education is not hampered at all.

The areas which the helpdesk counselors cater to include;

  1. Legal Formalities
  2. College Admission Feasibility
  3. Personal Setback Counselling
  4. Merging up with culture
  5. Student Loan Financing
  6. Accomodation and Documentation Issues

A special counseling session is also conducted so that your ultimate goal is not oscillated at all. We care for you and understand the importance of education altogether.

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It’s success rests in helping students obtain admissions in reputed institutes abroad.

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