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Yangzhou medical University



Yangzhou University is the first medical platform in China it introduced the study of Gynecology and Obstetrics. It also introduced the study of combined western and Chinese medicine. This university is one of the topmost colleges in China. The university offers five types of medical courses. The university also provides Five years integrated course for international students in the year 2006.

  • MBBS in Clinical Medicine: It is six years course which includes one-year practice program
  • Preventive Medicine: It is five years course
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Integrated medicine: It includes Western and Chinese
  • Pharmacy Program
  • Nursing Program

It is one of the first ranked universities especially in the field of the medical. The MBBS program has one-year rotational clinical practice. Five major hospitals are affiliated to this university. It aims to train medical specialists who should have the theories of basic medical and clinical medicine and have the basic skills engaging in medical prevention, treatment, or medical research.

It also provides Internship and Career in their affiliated colleges and hospitals. The international students will do the internship in the affiliated hospitals of the university.

After passing the graduation examinations successfully and completing the requirements of the teaching program, the international medical undergraduates will be provided a graduation certificate and acquired a medical degree by the university, if they fulfill the degree regulations of the university. The medical degree can be authorized by MCI, MMC, NMC, WHO, USMEL, MCC. Overall the university is best suited for all the medical courses offered by them. Students get a very good platform to explore knowledge and develop their skills in the medical field.

At Yangzhou University, medical students well-placed in top most companies every year with great packages. We provide the best platform to polish knowledge and to get a place right after the completion of the course. Students have join in their hands exactly after the MBBS. Students provide with the free environment to work in labs anytime. The Research and Development labs are open in the University all the time.

Other Courses

Yangzhou University offered so many courses apart from medical the no. of the courses provided by the university are as follows:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Science & Technology
  • Art
  • Bio-science & Bio-Technology
  • Business
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Chinese Language & Literature
  • Civil Science and Engineering
  • Educational Science (Teachers’ Education)
  • Energy and Power Engineering
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Foreign Studies
  • Horticulture & Plant Protection
  • Hydraulic Science and Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Law
  • Marxism
  • Mathematical Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Science & Technology
  • Social Science
  • Tourism & Cuisine (Food Science & Engineering)
  • Veterinary Medicine

Yangzhou University offers undergraduates 92 programs covering 11 disciplines, through its 24 schools. Yangzhou University covers a large area of about 273 hectares with a floor area of 1.49 million square meters. It has eight campuses which are located firmly in the downtown area of Yangzhou. The University also has experimental factories, an animal hospital farms, affiliated clinical hospitals and an affiliated high school with full-fledged modern facilities to meet the needs of teaching, student and internships research. University also attaches great significance to international exchange and cooperation. It established close links and academic relations with an ample of institutions of research and higher education in around 30 countries and regions.

There are about 3,700 faculties, and staff members are working in Yangzhou University, out of which 2,000 are full-time teachers that including 1,200 professors and associate professors and also one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering stream. In university, 23 faculty members get the Special Government Allowance, and 29 are sanctioned as Young Expert with excellent Contribution. There are around 1,430 supervisors to Ph.D. courses and master students. As the university is one of the first among colleges and universities who allowed granting master and doctoral degree, for post-doctors, it now has seven mobile stations. In primary-level disciplines, it has 11 doctoral programmes and 44 master programmes. Yangzhou University has a remarkable record in the country, regarding education.

Internship and Career

The international candidate can do an internship in the colleges or hospitals that are affiliated to the Yangzhou University. The Yangzhou University has a very reasonable fee for all the courses offered by the university. One can easily afford to study in the university, along with this, university grant scholarship programs for the meritorious students. The Fee waiver scheme is also available for special candidates. A minimal amount of fee in the one the topmost university also attracts thousands of students to study at this university.

  • Location: Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province – China
  • Established in 1992
  • 5 Years English Medium
  • Distance from Shanghai – 273.2 Km/ 3 Hrs 14 Mins Only


Fee 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fee 30000 RMB 30000 RMB 30000 RMB 30000 RMB 30000 RMB
3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR
Hostel Fee North





Triple Double Triple Double Triple Double Triple Double Triple Double
4500 RMB 6750 RMB 4500 RMB 6750 RMB 4500 RMB 6750 RMB 4500 RMB 6750 RMB 4500 RMB 6750 RMB
47250 INR 70875 INR 47250 INR 70875 INR 47250 INR 70875 INR 47250 INR 70875 INR 47250 INR 70875 INR
Visa & Insurance 1200 RMB 1200 RMB 1200 RMB 1200 RMB 1200 RMB
12600 INR 12600 INR 12600 INR 12600 INR 12600 INR
Registration Fees 400 RMB 100 RMB 100 RMB 100 RMB 100 RMB
4200 INR 1050 INR 1050 INR 1050 INR 1050 INR
Physical Examination 350 RMB N/A N/A N/A N/A
3675 INR N/A N/A N/A N/A
Accommodation Fee 300 RMB N/A N/A N/A N/A
3150 INR N/A N/A N/A N/A
Yearly Expense 36750 RMB 35800 RMB 35800 RMB 35800 RMB 35800 RMB
385875 INR 375900 INR 375900 INR 375900 INR 375900 INR
Total Expense in 5 Years  (taking North triple accommodation into consideration) 179950 RMB
1889475 INR

1 RMB = Rs. 10.50/. (as on 27′” April 2018)

**Amount is subject to change as per the exchange rates.

Accommodation depends on the availability of rooms (Double/Triple)


  • Min 60% in 10+2, PCBE individually & aggregate.
  • 17 year of age as on 31st December in the year of seeking Admission.
  • Admission based on video interview.
  • Fluency in English.


Admission Process

Step 1: Filing the application (The student will receive intimation for the video interview date)

Step 2: Appearing for the Video Interview

Step 3: After the interview, the University will roll the Offer Letter if the student clears the interview

Step 4: The student needs to transfer complete 1″ year tuition fee to the University A/C with 7 days of receiving the offer letter.

Step 5: On receiving the fee, the University will roll the admission letter & JW202 for the student.

Step 6: The student will now complete the rest of the formalities in India (submission of Original Passport for Visa, Medical Check-up in India, MCI EC Application).
Step 7: the Authorized Representative will apply for Visa in Home Country

Step 8: The authorized representative will collect the Visa & intimate the date of flying in Sep/Oct.

Accommodation Fee Includes:

  • South Triple 179.41 Rs. (Approx) / Person/ Day
  • North Triple 158.30 Rs. / Person/ Day
  • Accommodation Deposit: 3,165.99 Rs.
  • Bedding (optional, cash): 2,110.66 Rs.
  • Living Cost: 10,553.29 Rs. (maximum) per month

So, this is the approximate estimate of the fee structure in the MBBS. The fee is varying from course to course. The fee structure is negligible in comparison to the platform and Facilities University gives to their students. Students get the chance to get placed into the topmost reputed companies after the course completion. Parents become relaxed about their children career after get admitted their child into university.

Various opportunities provided to the students to get excel in their career which is unmatched by any of the University of the World. One can get satisfied after taking admission into this university, and it also fits the pockets fall the students, if not then they get a chance to earn while studying. Along with a study by joining internship programs can earn and enhance their skills.

University aims at providing the necessary knowledge and skills to their students. So that they can get better future after completing their study at the university.

If the student aims to get admission in the medical courses one has to fulfill the basic conditions provided by the university that are as follows:

  • The applicant must have passed school education in 10 +2 pattern from the recognized education board or any equivalent qualifications recognized by universities.
  • The major subject of any study must be Biology, Physics, and chemistry.
  • Minimum qualifying marks to apply is 60% aggregate
  • The university conducts entrance exam for the candidates. The minimum eligibility of marks scored is at least 60%.
  • Also, if students who pass in the premedical exam with a minimum of 60% marks can apply for MBBS.
  • The minimum age for applying for MBBS is 17 Years on 31st December in the year of taking Admission.

Good health is one of the important factor that counts on eligibility while taking admission into the university. The student needs to submit medical proof that is signed by any named doctor which shows that you did not suffer from any medical deformity.

Passport size photographs are also necessary at the time of the admission.

The student has to submit the required documents there and then only. Students must carry the document with him at the time of admission. Otherwise, admission will not be possible if there is any discrepancy regarding any required documents at the time of admission.

The classes are conducted in English that is no need to learn the Chinese language. Similarly, the university has different eligibilities for all the courses. In post graduation courses along with 10+2, it requires graduation documents also. Same in the case of Doctoral programmes on need 10+2, Graduation and post graduation documents also. So the eligibility varying according to the courses you want to get into it.

The students can also choose the online application submission process rather than using traditional offline method for filling the admission form. Admission helpdesk is always available in the university. The students if any query can call the University for any Information.

The Yangzhou University provides a lot of facilities for all the international students, especially so that more and more candidates get explored and get career benefits.

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It’s success rests in helping students obtain admissions in reputed institutes abroad.

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