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Yangzhou University

“Give Wings to Your Dreams! Fly Abroad – Study and Succeed.”

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Yangzhou University

Education is a commanding weapon; through which you can change the world. Yangzhou University is a hub for ample of aspirants. Students can easily grab opportunities in multiple courses whether it is Study MBBS in Yangzhou University or other courses. It is considered among the leading institute of China.

You can call it a college of Medicine or Yangzhou University; it offers top-level doctorate program includes Chinese and western integrative medicine. On the other hand, 6 first-level master’s programs are specially designed for students who are interested in clinical medicine, basic medical science, pharmaceutical sciences, and medical science.

Master the Skills

You can call it a college of Medicine or Yangzhou University; it offers top-level doctorate program includes.

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Yangzhou University offers you qualified staff for several subjects such as human anatomy, histoembryology.

Graduate the Best

We provide ample opportunities to our students so that they can explore their skills and knowledge to excellence.

Train your Brain

The professional’s lecturers are there to guide the students so that they can do extremely well in a field of medical.

Video Lessons

Providing quality information or polishing the students for the future is the main objective of Yangzhou University.


The cultural activities or other programs are specially designed for the betterment of students.


Clinical Medicine


Basic Medical Sciences

Traditional Chinese medicine

Basic Nursing Science

Basic Nursing Science

Why Study Yangzhou University ?

1 Doctorate Program of First-Level, which offers Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine.
A Degree level Professional Program that offers Clinical Medicine.
45 Master’s Programs of Second-Level, which offer Physiology, Dermatology, Immunology, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology.
6 Master’s Programs of First-Level, which offer Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine and Preventive Medicine.
Department of Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine


MBBS in Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University is located in Yangzhou, the country’s 1st cultural and historical city. It really is a university jointly set up by the people’s government of Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Education, an integral comprehensive university in Jiangsu province, and best medical universities in China. The doctoral and master’s degree-granting systems will be the 1st university in the country to combine and run universities. Study MBBS in Yangzhou University is very easy nowadays. The predecessor of the institution was the Tongzhou Normal University and Tonghai Agricultural University founded in 1902 by the famous modern industrialist and educator Zhang Wei. Once the nationwide faculty was tuned in 1952, its agricultural and firm literature and history majors relocated to Yangzhou to create the North Jiangsu Agricultural University and the North Jiangsu Professor University; the other 4 organizations also founded or relocated to Yangzhou in the same time. Study MBBS in Yangzhou University is the dream for students. University in 1992 the institution was created by the merger of 6 universities including Yangzhou Professors University, Jiangsu Agricultural University, Yangzhou Institute of Technology, Yangzhou Medical University, Jiangsu water conservancy Engineering University and Jiangsu Commercial University.

Ranking of Yangzhou University in China

The institution has a complete selection of disciplines. Ranking of Yangzhou University in China is 91 in national and 895 in world. You will find 28 secondary schools and 1 independent, 121 undergraduate majors, including 12 universities including beliefs, economics, legislation, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. You will find more than 26000 full - time undergraduate students in the institution, and more than 12000 graduates of varied types of experts and masters. You will find 22 approved doctoral level programs in the 1st level disciplines, 47 professional degree programs in the  1st level disciplines, 21 professional degree categories in Bo (Shuo), 14 postdoctoral mobile channels, and 2 nationwide key disciplines. 1 subject matter, 7 provincial superior disciplines, 6 provincial key disciplines of the 13th Five - Year Plan, and 3 provincial key disciplines (cultivation), chemical, plant and animal science, executive, agricultural technology, The ESI ranks of 6 disciplines, including medical and materials technology, rank among the best 1% of universities and research organizations worldwide.

How to Get Admission in Yangzhou University

The quality of the training of school staff continues to improve. To get Yangzhou University admission form online. The school has 6 specialized programs nationwide, 6 branded undergraduate careers, 2 pilot experimental innovation model areas nationwide, 9 excellent postgraduate jobs at the provincial level and 8 outstanding talent training programs of the Ministry of Education. It has 14 quality courses nationwide, 13 quality courses to share resources nationwide, 2 open quality video courses from the Ministry of Education, 1 bilingual national demonstration course, 3 teaching teams nationwide and cooperation between Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture.

There are 2 talent training bases, 1 off-campus practice teaching base, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, 3 national awards of second-class teaching achievements and achievements of provincial higher education. 5 special awards the school vigorously promotes the reform of general education, deepen innovation and education for entrepreneurship, strengthens the practice of educating people, actively builds “a hospital and a product” and promotes the integration of the first and second classrooms.

The reform of undergraduate education was selected in UNESCO’s “White Paper on Mixed Education”. He won the “Challenge Cup” of the national “Science and Technology Academic Extracurricular Competition” “Challenge Cup” for five consecutive times and was awarded the first group of national universities demonstrating innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Throughout the country, practicing the base of education and innovation, the national experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, in 2004, approved the evaluation of the undergraduate education level of the Ministry of Education with excellent results undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of Education.

The quality of the teachers of the school continues to be optimized. The school has more than 5,900 teachers, including more than 2,300 full-time teachers, more than 1,900 medical personnel, more than 1,300 high-level professional titles, more than 3,100 teachers, and 2 academics from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. “4 candidates, 2 winners of the” Yangtze Scholars Award Scheme “, 4 winners of the” Outstanding Youth Science Fund “, 2 winners of the” Outstanding Youth Science Fund “and 1 team of the first group of huangdaian teachers at national universities. 2 teaching teachers nationwide, 6 candidates nationally for “100 million talent projects”, 11 “Support Program for New Excellent New Talents” of the Ministry of Education, and 3 science and technology innovation leaders young and middle-aged in the “Innovative Talent Promotion Plan”.

The school’s research and innovation capabilities continue to improve. There is 1 joint international cooperation laboratory, 1 regional research center of the Ministry of Education, 23 provincial laboratories (research laboratories), provincial and provincial, and 27 engineering technology research centers, public technical service centers, and research institutes. There are 2 innovation centers, 1 national technology transfer demonstration institution and 1 national business training base for the science and technology commissioner. At present, it has carried out more than 2,300 scientific research projects at various levels, with a total annual scientific and technological fund of more than 650 million Yuan, and its research funding for Chinese subjects is almost 20 million Yuan. A total of 10 achievements have won the National Science and Technology Award. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, it has achieved several achievements of high-level scientific research and has won 152 national and ministerial awards of scientific and technological achievements, among which the first completed unit won three national science and technology awards (including the Second prize of the National Natural Sciences Award In 1 item, 2nd prize of the National Progress Award in Science and Technology, the vaccine inactivated with the recombinant Newcastle disease virus (strain A-VII) received a new type of certificate of registry of veterinary medicines the National Social Sciences Fund was awarded for 7 consecutive years (significant) The project, an achievement, won the first prize of the 6th Prize to the University of Philosophy and Social Sciences (Outstanding Logistics) (Humanities and Social Sciences ), and an achievement was selected for the 2016 Library of Logistics and Philosophy and Social Sciences.

School social service capabilities continue to increase. Actively promote the construction of think tanks, a proposal was approved by the National CPPCC and started the “Yangzhou Tongshi”, which was funded for 7 million Yuan. To vigorously promote the integration of industry, academia, and research, with more than 800 alliances between schools and companies, 32 provincial R & D platforms at the provincial level and more than 300 out-of-campus technology promotion bases. The Park of the University of Science and Technology has been approved as an incubator of technology companies at a national level, creating space and technology development. The work to promote the results has formed a pattern centered on Jiangsu and radiating throughout the country, creating enormous economic and social benefits, and has won many national and ministerial awards.

Scholarship in Yangzhou University

The exchanges and international cooperation of the school continued to advance. Based on the 20 + 20 cooperation plan of China-Africa University, China-Africa 10 + 1 Higher Education Cooperation, China-ASEAN Education and Training Center, Jiangsu-Macau-Portuguese-Portuguese-Speaking University Alliance and other projects and platforms, has 240 with 47 countries (regions). Many universities and research institutes have established academic exchanges and cooperation with 38 countries along the “Belt and Road”. The school was approved as the first prosperity base for overseas Chinese projects abroad and won 2 training projects in international cooperation with national innovation talents, 9 international exchange programs of excellent university students and 7 national projects of foreign experts from the high level. The school has the requirements to enroll foreign students including foreign students who receive Yangzhou University scholarship and enroll students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. He has extensively carried out an action plan to study abroad, with more than 2,000 international students, 58 students from the country of origin and 2 Confucius Institutes. The advanced collects of the Confucius Institute worldwide.

The construction of the party and the ideological and political work in the school are solid and effective. Adhere to the construction of parties around the center and do a good job in building parties for development. Fully implement the main responsibility of the party to administer the party and direct the schools, and strongly promote the strict management of the party of the party. The school has been awarded the “first group of bases of popular learning and Marxist practices in the province” and has been continuously qualified as an advanced collective of ideological and political education in the provincial universities. The school party committee has been praised as “Advanced National Organization of the Base Party”, “Advanced Organization of the Popular Grassroots Party of Jiangsu Province” and “Advanced Collective of Inspection and Supervision of the National Education Discipline”.

During the last 20 years of schooling, the school has gone through a path of reform and development of “joint improvement of fusion-adjustment”, which has formed a characteristic of school administration with a deep cultural heritage, outstanding agricultural science, science, and humanism. Integration, and coordinated development of the classification. The reform of the management system of higher education has provided a user experience and has been praised by the main central comrades as “a banner for university reform”. The campus covers an area of more than 4,000 acres, and the construction area of the school is over 1.6 million square meters. The total fixed asset of the school is 5.87 trillion Yuan, the total value of teaching and research equipment is 1.166 trillion Yuan, and the library has a collection of 4.289 million books. It has a group of teaching, research and practice bases directly in affiliated hospitals, internship factories, experimental farms and pastures, animal hospitals, etc.

New ideas lead the new era and new dreams begin a new journey. Yangzhou University will fully implement the spirit of the XIX National Congress and third-party congress, with Marxism-Leninism, the thought of Mao Zedong, the Deng Xiaoping theory, and the important thought of the “Three Representatives”, the concept of development scientific, and the new concept of Xi Jinping. era of socialism with Chinese characteristics With the guidance of thoughts, we thoroughly implemented the important guiding spirit of the “optimized combination, transformation, and integration” of comrade Xi Jinping proposed by the school, we carry forward the spirit of “hard work and self-sufficiency” , adhere to the development philosophy of “taking the teachers and students to the center”, and persist in improving the quality and highlighting the characteristic path of connotative development, without forgetting the initial heart, taking into account the mission, focusing on the first class, deepening in an integral way The reform and the march towards the objective of “a first national class, recognized internationally, of high profile, research university with distinctive characteristics”.