Yangzhou University

Accommodation Facilities in Yangzhou University

Once a student goes out from home first thing strikes in mind how it will be the place where we could live and when it’s related to the place where you are going to study it became more important to know about some basic needs if we will getting or not. If you are going to study MBBS in Yangzhou University you should know about the basic scenario of the Yangzhou University accommodation where the university is providing well-equipped rooms just like a hotel operated dormitory for international students with a restaurant and with a fitness entertainment facilities.

Options to Choose Accommodation in Yangzhou University

The student who recently admitted to the Yangzhou University China can choose any one room of the dormitory this facility for International students and they can also choose a single room and a double room, a triple room too when they reached the Yangzhou University.

All the rooms are equipped with air conditioners, attached independent toilets with shower equipment, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and basic furniture. Conjointly there is a kitchen service too for the international students if they want to cook sometimes for themselves but they need to pay for the electricity, water, and the internet they use.

Yangzhou University Canteens 

  • Yangzhou University takes importance about the meals of students’ diet so canteens are available on each campus of Yangzhou University China. The meals they can eat at canteens or cook in the mini-kitchens available in the dormitory by own.
  • There are multiple verities available of the food according to the taste of a student so it provides different kinds of food to the international students.
  • Yangzhou University is highly cheered for the delicious food with lots of verities according to the taste of the student at affordable prices.
  • The room facilities to come for MBBS in Yangzhou University for Indian Studentsprovide services facility too include a shared kitchen, restaurant, laundry, sundries shop, table tennis room, Internet room, and study rooms.
  • There are international telephone facilities too for international students, a photocopy machine, and a service for airline tickets.
  • There is also an international students’ dining hall and also available some Chinese food halls on the campus.

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