Yangzhou University

Brief Overview about the Yangzhou University Ranking

Yangzhou University is a main provincial university which has started to provide higher education in China; Yangzhou University is the merged of 6 institutions of higher learning the university was established in 1992 but Yangzhou University was founded in 1902. There are 33,000 full-time undergraduate students in the universities approx 9,000 postgraduate students pursuing their (doctorate and masters) and some others are studying for MBBS in Yangzhou University. Yangzhou University currently running 27 colleges that offering 110 undergraduate programs in 12 streams.

Yangzhou University Ranking

Yangzhou University admission policy and acceptance of admission application forms will vary the areas of study, a student’s degree level, student nationality and residence, and more criteria. If you have already decided to apply for MBBS in Yangzhou University.  You can contact Jagvimal.com for detailed information for the specific procedure of Yangzhou University admission.

  • World Rank 895
  • National Rank 91
  • Quality of Education Rank
  • Alumni Employment Rank > 1000
  • Quality of Faculty Rank –
  • Research Output Rank of 697
  • Quality Publications Rank 789
  • Influence Rank > 1000
  • Citations Rank > 1000
  • Overall Score 70.4

 A Life in Yangzhou University Hostel

  • The Yangzhou is located in 26 Xingcheng E Road, Hanjiang, and 225009 Jiangsu provinces China, and Yangzhou University hostel is in the main campus. If you get Yangzhou University admission you must follow the rules in the universities which apply for to maintain the decorum and the discipline of the university.
  • Every student advised staying in his/her room on the campus which has allotted to each student moving from an allotted room or forcing for other occupied rooms is not allowed.
  • Before shifting in the hostel students must deposit required room fees.
  • Two students should share the room equally.
  • A student who wants to live in a single room there is an opportunity to live in single after applying in a written request to the administrative office to occupy the single room after submitting the fee charges.
  • If management finds any room empty you will be informed by the authorities till then you need to wait you can shift after getting permission by the authorities with submitted Yangzhou University fees you can check-in.
  • Male and female students are not allowed to share the same room without a formal marriage proof.

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