Yangzhou University China

What is the Procedure if a Student Wants to Live off Campus in Yangzhou University China

Students of Yangzhou University China, if they want to live out of the campus the students must have to follow some guidelines and must have to take permission from the authorities of the Yangzhou University.

  • To start the procedure you should first apply to the International Students Affairs Office. The following details must be filled in this application form such as name, nationality, class, reason and the statement to leave the campus by your desire and in writing.
  • Then the student should go to the International Students Affairs Office and get and fill in the Registration Form of Accommodation of the campus for the International Students of Yangzhou University and then sign the form.
  • The student needs to go to the local public security station and complete the formalities like registration of temporary residence.
  • Then the student should go to the International Students Affairs Office and pay up to the Yangzhou University fees, check the items in the dormitory they should not damage or broken if they find all right then return the keys to the administrative office.

Accommodation Facilities for International Students at Yangzhou University.

  • The facility of dormitories for international students at Yangzhou University is the gift by the university because first-year students enter the university very shy and feel uncomforted in starting a day so they can live in dormitories.
  • These dormitories are especially well equipped with restaurant facilities entertainment facilities and with the fitness facilities. After entering in the Yangzhou Universitydormitory, they can choose a single room to live a double room or a triple room according to their choice and convenience.
  • All the rooms are equipped with basic and modern amenities like air-conditioner, attached toilet with shower equipment, telephone, bed, color TV and the basic necessary furniture.

And there are more facilities which Yangzhou University provides in the campus hostel.

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