Yangzhou University

Highly Qualified Jewels of Yangzhou University

There are some of the other people behind highly successful people. The same thing applies to do big business houses and educational institutions also. Somebody needs to work very hard to make a place shine like a bright star in the world. If Yangzhou University can be considered the Shining Star among other universities in China and the world, it is important to know about the people who are responsible to make it perform so well in the industry of providing education of MBBS and many other disciplines. If you go to study MBBS in Yangzhou University, you must try your best to meet any of these scholars at the university as soon as possible.

Vice president: CHEN Yaping

Professor CHEN Yaping is one of the Members of the Standing Committee of Yangzhou University of CPC and he has been serving at this position since February 2016. Before he was appointed as the Vice President, CHEN was one of the faculty members and he was also playing the role of an administrator at Yangzhou University itself. So he got promoted in the same University after working for more than 30 years. His areas of specialization are the disciplines of Higher Education management, contemporary and modern Chinese literature. He also has the experience of working as a secretary, director of the human resources department and Deputy Director at Yangzhou University. He also got the opportunity to teach the Chinese language in the Yangzhou normal college in the literature department.

Secretary of the Commission

The secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, Dr. ZHOU Qin is the second person who is highly qualified to handle the important operations of the University. She was one of the members of the standing committee of the university. She has been working at this position since 2017. She was associated with Nanjing University before she began his career at Yangzhou University. Her graduation is from the Department of Pediatrics in the year 1993. She has also played the prominent roles of director of the discipline inspection office, director of the audit department, director of the supervision department, Deputy Secretary of disciplinary inspection committee, etc. She has authored over 10 research articles. She has also been appreciated by felicitating awards for solving student affairs.

Vice president: YU Hongliang

Professor YU Hongliang started working as the Vice President of Yangzhou University since the year June 2017. Professor YU did his graduation from the English Department from the former Yangzhou Normal College where he started his career at the position of a faculty member. He also has a Master’s degree in Foreign Linguistics from Nanjing University in the year 1993. He is known for writing 40 books and research articles. He has also won prizes for his research at ministerial and provincial levels. He was also selected to work for a talent project in Jiangsu. If you go to study MBBS in Yangzhou University, you must listen to these professors’ seminars and workshops.

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