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Prominent Leaders in Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University is a very well known name in the world and China. It has thousands of students from all over the world and hundreds of students from India go to university every year to make their career. To study MBBS in Yangzhou university is a prestigious point. It is awesome that the university games rank of the top hundred every year and always provide very good facilities for the students. The placement opportunities provided by the University are also amazing as it is one of the important criteria to get the rank of the university in the top hundred or top 500. Here is the description of three prominent personalities who were working in the university and they are playing an important role in making the university touch new heights.

YAO Guanxin

YAO Guanxin enjoys the position of the professor at the university. He is also playing the role of the secretary of the CPC Yangzhou University committee and also joined university in 2015. He holds both the positions and handles his responsibilities with equal expertise. Before he started his professional journey at Yangzhou University, he was appointed as a faculty member at Jiangsu University. He was also playing the prominent role of the administrator at Jiangsu University. He joined Jiangsu University immediately after completing his graduation in the year 1983. He joined Jiangsu Polytechnic College. In both the universities, he was handling two positions. 300 the position of head assistant of the department of Engineering in Jiangsu polytechnic college, Deputy Director secretary of the department of materials and Deputy Director at Jiangsu University of Technology. Both the universities always admire him for whatever work he did and he is doing. He also worked at the Yancheng Institute of Technology.

 JIAO Xin’an

JIAO Xin’an is also a professor and President, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yangzhou University committee. He became the President of the university in the year 2012. He is also working as a representative of the national people’s Congress 13th. He also serves as the prominent position of vice-chairman of the Chinese Association of animal science and veterinary medicine. He also has the membership of the veterinary export assessment team of the national natural science foundation of China. He also possesses membership in the national expert committee for food safety and risk assessment. Hero associated with Jiangsu University as the vice-chairman of the association of Agricultural science societies, and also the vice-chairman of the biotechnology Association of the province of Jiangsu. He is also a proud editorial board member of the international journal of food microbiology.

YE Baisen

YE Baisen is also a professor and the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yangzhou University committee. He joined the university in the year 2017 and he is also serving as a vice-chairman of the student affairs research branch of China higher education Association. He is very well known in the university as a student counselor and Secretary of the general branch of the Youth League, Secretary of the publicity department at Yangzhou Institute of Technology, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee.

All three personalities hold so many positions in the university and all the positions are of high responsibilities. This is the reason to study MBBS in Yangzhou University is going to be a highly profitable decision as you will be getting an opportunity to study under the guidance of such prominent personalities.

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